Wod & Done - Is this the next generation in hand protection & recovery?

Wod & Done - Is this the next generation in hand protection & recovery?


Is this the next generation in hand protection & recovery? 

The story so far - 

After watching people in his gym constantly ripping their hands, Eugene knew there had to be a better way to lift heavy. So, after testing out the available products on the market, he found them to be too bulky and ill-fitting. So, he reached out to Alex, who he’d worked with when they were both software developers at a health insurance company.

Alex had the manufacturing and design experience to help bring WOD&DONE to life. So, with his wife, Mika, Alex and Eugene started WOD&DONE in 2015.

They spent nine months testing out prototypes with the athletes at Eugene’s gym. Being this close to the testing helped them refine their product until they were sure it would work for even the craziest WOD.

On Sept. 15, 2016, they made their first sale to a customer who lived just five miles from Alex. So he saved the postage and just hand-delivered that package.

As they built their business, they learned how important feedback was. While some people were sceptical about whether WOD&DONES would actually work, they soon found that their hand grips were catching on.

They never lost their dedication to gathering and acting on feedback. To this day, they put their customers above everything that they do. Staying connected with you, the athlete, is key because you are the backbone of WOD&DONE and why they started this company to begin with.

The reasons you should try them -

Don’t let preventable injuries stop you from doing what you love. If training at a high intensity is your passion, protect yourself from wear-and-tear on your hands. Wod-n-dones are the skin-tight, flexible solution that keep your hands and calluses protected while you build the strength you need to excel. This ultra-thin alternative for gloves or grips ensures the safety of your hands without adding any unnecessary bulk.

Already ripped your hands? 

Use Wod-n-dones and return to the gym the very next day! The patented hand protection is designed with athletes in mind. It gives you a second layer of skin-like protection that moves with you. This unique solution allows for no interruptions to your training cycle.


The specially-designed hand protection measures 3 inches wide by almost 10 inches long to give you the perfect fit. Just pull out a set of hand grips, apply them and you’re ready to go.


Specially-engineered kinesiology-type material gives you the full range of motion for your hands no matter what your workout throws at you.


These hand grips can handle anything you put them through – whether it’s deadlifts, muscle-ups or the muddiest obstacle course. They’re tough enough for competitions and durable enough for your daily workouts.


The single-use hand grips are latex-free and vegan. Unlike reusable options, wod-n-dones give you a hygienic way to protect your hands without the odours and exposure to germs.




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