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100% CUSTOM.

SGF Speed Ropes are British made handcrafted speed ropes perfect for dominating those double unders.  The handles are made from aluminium and coated in durable non-slip rubber, making them perfect during the more gruesome WODs!

Made by athletes, for athletes, to help you improve every single day.  

High Speed Bearings

Superior high speed stainless steel bearings make this rope one of the fastest on the market.


Coated Handles

Don't lose your grip! Durable non-slip polyolefin rubber coated handles are both beautifully ergonomic and sturdy.


PVC Coated Wire

2mm. 2.5mm or 3mm PVC coated wire for super smooth high speed turns.




Key features:-

  • High speed stainless steel bearings
  • Aluminium handle construction making them super lightweight
  • Polyolefin coated handles
  • Choice of 2mm. 2.5mm and 3mm PVC coated wire
  • Customised name tag on the cable
  • 100% Cotton storage bag
RXROX Note | SGF Speed Ropes are custom made so please allow 7 working days for delivery.
RXROX Note | The cable used is plastic coated, for good reason... think cheese wire! They are not for use on an abrasive surface. Indoor use only!

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