Activ7 Recovery Bath Salts

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Magnesium has been used for many years as a muscle relaxant and is essential for our body to help absorb calcium and produce energy. Having a body that is rich in magnesium will help it be stronger, more flexible and better able to resist physical stress. Activ7 Recovery Bath Salts +magnesium help to ensure our cells can repair, detoxify and recover for a healthy functioning body.

Activ7 Recovery Bath Salts +magnesium have the added bonus of essential oils to help Invigorate and detoxify.  A unique mix of peppermint, eucalyptus, aloe vera, rosemary, lemon, orange and camphor can help to create the perfect sports and day to day stress relief recovery bath. Feel your muscles relax, your mind ease from the mix of aromatherapy oils and feel your blood flow refresh from the minty coolness as your muscles feel the benefits of this essential oils & magnesium salt mix.