Activ7 Recovery Bath Salts

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Magnesium has been used for many years as a muscle relaxant and is essential for our body to help absorb calcium and produce energy. Having a body that is rich in magnesium will help it be stronger, more flexible and better able to resist physical stress. Activ7 Recovery Bath Salts +magnesium help to ensure our cells can repair, detoxify and recover for a healthy functioning body.

Recovery Salts by Activ7 are packed with essential oils, blended especially for the relaxation of muscles. For an active person or someone with a fitness hobby, Recovery Salts can help your body recover naturally.

Simply use a sprinkle of these in the tub - relax for 20-40 minutes at 36 degrees and feel your body let go of all post work out tension. 

Activ7 Recovery Salts contain essential oils which have been proven to help with stiff or sore muscles by helping with circulation and reducing inflammation, not forgetting; the detoxifying results from the blend of salts we have put together!

Discover how salt bathing can help you improve your recovery today!