Bear KompleX Core Sliding Discs

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Bear KompleX Sliding Core Discs:

  • Our gliding discs for exercise were engineered to work on multiple surfaces, including hardwood, carpet, and rugs. As long as you can slide, you'll be able to drastically reduce the impact on your joints, which will ultimately reduce aches and pains over time.
  • Each disc itself is designed to be durable, lightweight, and easy to transport. Effortlessly toss your core training sliders in your bag to improve the difficulty of workouts at your gym, or take them with you on trips so you won't ever miss a workout. 

At Bear KompleX, we design fitness equipment with YOU in mind. We know that life can happen fairly unexpectedly, which can take away from your personal fitness goals.

To us, exercising is more than just "building your bod," which is why we wanted to create the highest-quality, most impactful workout tool that makes home workouts quick, but effective.

We strive every day to make the highest quality gear for functional fitness. The superb experience is all in the design: Using only the highest and toughest quality materials that are built to last!


  • CRUSH YOUR AT-HOME WORKOUTS: Bear KompleX Core Sliding Discs delivers a seriously intense, next-level core challenge. With our Core Sliding Discs, you'll be able to crush workouts from the comfort of your own home! Our core fitness sliders are designed to enable a full range of motion helping strengthen your shoulders, chest, back, core, and legs. 
  • IMPROVE YOUR CONTROL: If you think Bear KompleX Core Sliding Discs are only used for increasing strength, think again! When using core gliders, imagine standing on ice - It takes a lot of balance to stay on your feet. Our sliders add an element of instability that requires your muscles to work harder and also increase your range of motion while reducing your risk of injury. 
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: We know that life can sometimes interrupt important gym sessions, so we designed our gliding discs to be lightweight & effortless to transport. Easily take your sliders to the gym to boost your workouts, or use them at home for a quicker, but effective workout. 
  • LOW IMPACT, LESS PAIN: Certain exercises and movements on a hard surface can be considered "hard-impact," which can cause muscle soreness and aches over time. Using core sliding discs will allow you to complete exercises without slamming your feet off the ground, reducing the overall impact of your workout. Because your hands and feet won't leave the ground while using our core sliders, the impact is greatly reduced.
  • A MULTI-USE TOOL: With the Bear KompleX Core Sliding Discs, the workout possibilities are endless! Not only are core sliders used to tone your stomach and abs, but they're also commonly used to work your arms and legs. A few common exercises for disc sliders include lunges, different variations of squats, mountain climbers, planks, knee-tucks, and so many more