JAW Leather Grap Separates

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So...  You've been wearing your JAW Cloth Graps to death - literally....  The grip section has completely worn out....

Never fear, dont throw your wraps away, just replace the grip section with JAW Leather Grap Separates.

Made from extra soft leather and equipped with 3 finger holes, your entire palm is guaranteed to stay protected when doing any functional fitness or gymnastic movements. These leather grips are considerably thicker than your standard fabric grip, so with the added thickness comes improved durability. If you've been craving a heavy duty grip, then look no further! 

100% Australian Sourced, Made and Owned - treated with no harsh chemicals, super-soft 100% Aussie Leather from Australian cows and most importantly, the most comfortable leather hand grip on the market.

RXROX TIP | Useful for pull ups, toes to bar, knees to elbows, kettlebell swings and general barbell work.