RockTape Rock Rub 50g

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You may be a WOD killer, but you're dead in the water if your hands get injured. Do you find yourself tearing or unable to hold onto a bar? Do you get a burning sensation under your calluses?

Rock Rub wont make your hands invincible, but its getting close. RockTape formulated Rock Rub to be the absolute best all-natural moisturiser for your hands.

Simply apply Rock Rub every night and wake up with softer, stronger hands that won't let you down when workouts get tough.

Rock Rub is made with the best all-natural ingredients:

Australian Beeswax - Yup, the bees that made this wax are from Down Under
Canola Oil - A natural oil derived from rapeseed and low in erucic acid
Vitamin E - A powerful healing agent to repair your skin while you sleep
Patchouli - That flower-child smell from California
Lavender - Reduces skin irritation and smells great when you sleep
Ylang Ylang - Helps normalise sebum secretion (skin oil) for skin problems

Rock Rub is also fantastic for soft tissue work, especially for deeper tissue techniques and small treatment areas.  Rock Rub maintains a fantastic consistency throughout treatment, and has a really pleasant fragrance.  Rock Rub is fantastic for instrument-assisted massage techniques too.  A small amount of Rock Rub goes a long way.

This 50 gram jar will last about one month.  The 400 gram jar will last 3-4 months.