Velites Vropes Fire 2.0 | Red

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Velites call it the #JUMP&FLOW State. It’s the magical balance between speed and concentration. It’s the inspiration for the VRopes Fire 2.0, and Velites are confident they have built a rope to capture that feeling.

Made by athletes, for athletes, to help you improve every single day.  

Threadable Stopper

The rope cable extends right into the base, so you’ll never lose it and it will never pop out.

"Soft Touch" Finish

Don't lose your grip! Vropes Fire 2.0 provide a beautifully bar knurling finish that is both wonderfully ergonomic and sturdy.

Exclusive BFC System

The BFC System in the Vropes Fire 2.0 cap provides super smooth, fast movement that does not stall or stick, at all.


"The Vropes Fire 2.0 is the most advanced jump rope. Period.

It has a beautiful design and an incredible appearance. The difference is noticeable."

Alexandre Jolivet


RXROX Note | The cable used is plastic coated, for good reason... think cheese wire! They are not for use on an abrasive surface. Indoor use only!