WODSOX Hero Weighted Vest | Black

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The Hero Vest pays homage to all of the heroes in the armed forces who protect us and have given their lives for us. The vests are exact replicas of military bullet proof vests our heroes have to wear on a daily basis to keep themselves and us safe. Made from tough 600D polyester and with adjustable waist straps our vest will last and fit brilliantly for as long as you use it. Designed to make hard workouts even harder and trick the body into working with more bodyweight than we actually have you will see huge benefits in your body weight and gymnastic movements when it comes to those ‘regular’ no vest WODS. An essential piece of kit any functional training athlete should have. You can choose from 7kg and 10kg and both come with FREE weighted plates already installed.

***INCLUDES PLATES and FREE patch*** Simply the best weighted vest available Excellent cummerbund adjustment fits body size XS-XL.

Width = 30cm

Length = 39cm

One hand quick release wire system Tough Durable material ideal for workouts Maximum comfort shoulder, chest and back sandwich padding.