WodWax | Grip Enhancer & Rip Preventative

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WodWax was developed for functional fitness athletes to help prevent hands from ripping and slipping on the pull-up bar. It is applied directly to the pull-up bar, eliminating the need for gloves or grips, tape, or constant re-chalking.  WodWax has the perfect balance of stick and give. It enhances grip to allow for more work without breaking, while giving just enough to prevent ripping.

How to use:-

  • Rub WodWax directly on clean bar in two 4" - 5" sections where hands will be placed.
  • Apply generously on the top half and back of the bar where your hands and fingers will make contact.
  • Continue to apply until the wax forms bumps.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amy H.

Bought for my scaffolding pole pull up bar in the garden which is quite slippery. The WODWAX bar is a lot smaller than expected but you only need to rub it along your bar for it to provide extra grip. Smells Amazing!!

lauren s.
Pretty decent

The bars at my CrossFit are really slippery so that combined with my weak grip means I struggle to get more than a couple of kipping pull ups before I let go.

This has definitely helped there’s no doubt about it. The negatives however are that it’s very expensive for what is a very tiny bar of product. And I had to apply a lot of it to notice a difference meaning it won’t be something I can afford to use all the time.

It also is visibly pink on the bar and doesn’t wipe off so I guess it depends on your gym as to whether you can get away with using it or not

Overall = good product but too expensive

Sharn C.

This is a great product. Recently purchased a new pull-up bar for outdoor use and as such its powder coated. I always struggle to grip powder coated bars regardless of what grips I try but WODWAX is a game changer. Grip feels nice and secure with or without grips with this stuff. Highly recommend.

Del K.

I bought some as a recommendation from a friend. I know that at some point during the CrossFit Open the rig will be needed and I need to be 100% sure my grip will hold out.
WodWax will give me that confidence 👌

Krzysia S.

Love wodwax - no mess - amazing grip - no tears.