About Us

We are a vibrant and motivated company based in Manchester, UK. We are committed to providing essential WOD Gear and Apparel for Functional Fitness Athletes.

It's simple.  We're hooked on functional fitness training... It's changed our lives.  It's allowed us to achieve things that we didn't think were possible. It inspires us to be better, to get better.  It's ignited a passion for fitness that we didn't know existed.  It's this passion that drives everything we do.

Our mission is to provide apparel and accessories to assist you to reach your ultimate athletic potential.

Our vision is to unite with athletes globally to supply gear that looks and feels great, but is also fully functional, and durable:

  • We will inspire athletes to not only reach, but also smash their goals.
  • We are determined, focused and inspired by the athletes we serve.
  • We will continually strive to improve and enhance our brand, evolving with the sport.
  • We will meet the needs of the customers we serve, through engaging them in the design and choice of the products we supply.