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Essential Hand Care

w.o.d.welder offer, in our opinion, the best option for hand care on the market. Their products have been designed by fellow CrossFit athletes in the US and have received such an amazing response here in the UK that we simply felt compelled to try them out ourselves and put them to the test.

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Cutting Edge Tech for Your Hands

Training should always be fun and while the old saying goes "no pain, no gain" injuring your hands is of no benefit at all. If you find yourself suffering from callouses or blisters the pain will be a distraction and it will of course be a hindrance inside and outside of the box.

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Ripping your hands while training is almost unavoidable and chances are it will happen to all of us at some stage. While the build up of calluses will help your hands when training, if they aren't protected or managed correctly they can become painful and ultimately tear. 

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