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ULTIMATE Guide to Hand Grips for Your WOD

How to choose the best grips for you & your WOD. Working out can be tough on your hands, repetitions can cause damage, read our guide below to choosing the best hand grips & how to power on through & prevent this from happening. Bear KompleX Carbon Hand Grips Made of synthetic carbon fibre SUPERIOR Carbon WILL REDUCE SLIPPING Thinner than genuine leather Flexible, forms to hand well Holds chalk, although is good without Very sticky on all bars and rings 2 hole or 3 hole No Hole – quick transition between movements, great for ‘Death Grips’ No break in...

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Why skipping is a great home workout

SGF Speed Ropes are British made handcrafted speed ropes perfect for dominating those double unders.The handles are made from aluminium and coated in durable non-slip rubber, making them perfect during the more gruesome WODs!

Made by athletes, for athletes, to help you improve every single day.  

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Wod & Done - Is this the next generation in hand protection & recovery?

WOD&DONE? Is this the next generation in hand protection & recovery?  The story so far -  After watching people in his gym constantly ripping their hands, Eugene knew there had to be a better way to lift heavy. So, after testing out the available products on the market, he found them to be too bulky and ill-fitting. So, he reached out to Alex, who he’d worked with when they were both software developers at a health insurance company. Alex had the manufacturing and design experience to help bring WOD&DONE to life. So, with his wife, Mika, Alex and Eugene started...

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