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ULTIMATE Guide to Hand Grips for Your WOD

How to choose the best grips for you & your WOD. Working out can be tough on your hands, repetitions can cause damage, read our guide below to choosing the best hand grips & how to power on through & prevent this from happening. PICSIL Condor No Hole Hand Grips  No Hole  Whole Hand Protection Fast Transitions Extreme Wrist Support Maximum Lightness Increased Grip Seamless Technical Fabric Velcro Tech Ultra Resistant Ring In our opinion: The new Technical Fabric feels like suede & improves grip and comfort during your workout.         Bear KompleX Carbon Hand Grips Made of...

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Why skipping is a great home workout

SGF Speed Ropes are British made handcrafted speed ropes perfect for dominating those double unders.The handles are made from aluminium and coated in durable non-slip rubber, making them perfect during the more gruesome WODs!

Made by athletes, for athletes, to help you improve every single day.  

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Essential Hand Care

w.o.d.welder offer, in our opinion, the best option for hand care on the market. Their products have been designed by fellow CrossFit athletes in the US and have received such an amazing response here in the UK that we simply felt compelled to try them out ourselves and put them to the test.

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