w.o.d.welder Callus Shaver with 5x Blades

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When you work hard and play hard, your skin can often suffer the consequences in the form of hard, unsightly calluses. While they don't pose an immediate health concern, not addressing them can have a major impact on your long-term hand, foot and skin health.

The w.o.d.welder Callus Shaver is designed for athletes who often suffer from calluses built up from lifting, pulling, pushing and taking on extreme WOD's. Any dedicated athlete can tell you, when you start to rip calluses it can be downright painful no matter how tough you might be.

Here are a few reasons why the w.o.d.welder callus shaver offers superior long-term support:

  • It's safe, effective and easy to use. When your callus starts to get rounded or form a white cap, simply take a shower or bath to soften it up and drag the callus shaver over the top. The shaver will reduce the size of the callus quickly and easily with no pain.
  • It’s great for hands and feet! No matter if you’re struggling with deep-rooted calluses on the balls of your feet or the spots between knuckles on your fingers, it will take care of every callus.
  • Blades don’t need to be replaced for 2-3 months, meaning you can use it over and over again without having to immediately replace a blade.
  • It features a safety guard to keep you from shaving too deep and hurting the soft, growing skin underneath. This lets you keep working out and working hard without causing further damage.

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