24 Hours, 24 WODs - CrossFit NMC

24 Hours, 24 WODs - CrossFit NMC

CrossFit NMC was established in 2016 and are the first not for profit CrossFit Box within the Royal Marines.

They are holding a 24 hour charity event to raise money for the charities that supported a Royal Navy Corporal and his family throughout their battle with cancer and to raise awareness of the affects cancer has on families & friends.

The event will consist of 24 separate workouts 1 workout per hour every hour.  There will be a team of 5 - 8 athletes conducting all 24 workouts.  Between the workouts there will be guest speakers, the guest speakers; will comprise of victims of cancer, serving and ex-serving, cancer victims’ families, welfare personnel, nutritionists, sportsmen and inspirational speakers.

The 24 hour charity CrossFit event will be held on the 26 July 2017 and will finish at 1200hrs on the 27 July 2017.  The event will be open to all military personnel and civilian guests.

We will be supporting this event providing athlete t-shirts as well as a selection of prizes on the day.

Anyone wishing to support this amazing event then please get in touch with us at team@rxrox.co.uk

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  • Thomas Merriman

    Thank you so much for your support lads. xxx

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