ULTIMATE Guide to Hand Grips for Your WOD

ULTIMATE Guide to Hand Grips for Your WOD

How to choose the best grips for you & your WOD.

Working out can be tough on your hands, repetitions can cause damage, read our guide below to choosing the best hand grips & how to power on through & prevent this from happening.

PICSIL Condor No Hole Hand Grips 

  • No Hole 
  • Whole Hand Protection
  • Fast Transitions
  • Extreme Wrist Support
  • Maximum Lightness
  • Increased Grip
  • Seamless
  • Technical Fabric
  • Velcro Tech
  • Ultra Resistant Ring

In our opinion: The new Technical Fabric feels like suede & improves grip and comfort during your workout.


Bear KompleX Carbon Hand Grips

  • Made of synthetic carbon fibre
  • Thinner than genuine leather
  • Flexible, forms to hand well
  • Holds chalk, although is good without
  • Very sticky on all bars and rings
  • 2 hole or 3 hole or No Hole
  • No Hole – quick transition between movements, great for ‘Death Grips’
  • No break in period

In our opinion: The Velcro wrist fastening gives a perfect closure, the fact they are not leather means they will not stretch over time & also allows you to get a better feel for the bar – these are deemed the ‘Best Grips on the Planet’

Bear KompleX carbon comp 3 hole hand grips

 Bear KompleX 3 Hole Diamond Grips

  • Made of micro diamond synthetic fibre
  • Similar in thickness to Carbons
  • Rigid, less conforming than other materials
  • Very sticky on all bars and rings
  • Chalk is not necessary
  • Designed for competition setting
  • No break in period
  • Now offering No Hole

In our opinion: These hand grips from Bear KompleX use a synthetic material, these offer more grip than those made from leather. - no chalk needed.

 Bear KompleX Leather Grips

  • Soft durable genuine leather
  • Forms to hands
  • Made to last
  • Holds chalk well
  • Will break in after 3-5 workouts

In our opinion: Great all-around grip (barbell, rings, pull up bar, dumbbells, kettle bell), moulds to your hand and becomes like a second skin. The thickest of the Bear grips.


Jerkfit Death Grips

  • The ULTIMATE premium lifting straps, perfected for both men and women
  • The perfect grip for maxing out DeadLifts, Pull-Ups and any pulling exercises
  • Increased grip strength for the heaviest pulls, Reduced forearm fatigue by 80% to hit those last few killer reps
  • Ultra padded for extra comfort, and won’t cut off circulation!
  • Flawless design with an ergonomically correct shape that won't dig in to your hands or cause discomfort.

In our opinion: These padded grips offer ultimate comfort for Dead Lifts, Pull-Ups & Heavy Shrugs. You won’t look back.

Jerkfit Raw Grips

  • 2-finger leather gymnastic grip that covers your entire hand
  • RAW Grips provide full palm protection and the strongest grip you'll find anywhere
  • Ergonomically designed to prevent digging into your wrists, it simply WILL NOT happen
  • Designed to reduce rips and blisters, these are the absolute most comfortable leather grips EVER built.
  • Breathable and designed with an adjustable wrist strap for optimal comfort and support
  • RAW Grips are made in the USA from malleable textured leather and built to last.
  • Used by men & women worldwide

In our opinion: The world's grippiest grip allowing you to hit the bar with confidence and better wrist mobility - guaranteed. Designed by a former professional gymnast to reduce and prevent unnecessary and painful rips and blisters that kill your momentum and performance.

Jerkfit Fly Grips


  • *World's softest & Lightest Grips
  • *Unique 2-Finger design covers the entire palm
  • *Ultra-soft material for reduced hand pain, friction, and tearing
  • *Incredible grip for all bar movements, you stick like crazy!
  • *Super strength wrist strap and buckle that will not fail.
  • *100% VEGAN

In our opinion: If you're looking for a lightweight, super grippy, virtually pain-free, over-the-top durability grips that won't just stay out of your way but will enhance your workouts, FLY GRIPS are it!

Jerkfit Fly Grips

Jerkfit Wodies

  • Made from synthetic material – allowing you to wash them!
  • 3 hole design with full wide protection of your entire palm
  • Heavy duty built in wrist support to ensure full protection for those Heavy Lifts

In our opinion: WODies provide a natural glide & absorb friction with no bunching or pinching. Great wrist support and material which absorbs sweat & chalk to ensure you get maximum grip.


JAW Pull up Grips

  • Premium Cloth Fabric since 2011
  • Minimalistic feel, soft, stretchy
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Versatile and durable
  • Grip enhancement
  • Australian Made and cruelty free
  • Don't be shy with chalk. The more you use the less palm friction you will encounter
  • Hand wash only. Keep in mind, though, the dirtier JAW Pullup Grips are the better they work!

In our opinion: JAW grips allow maximum mobility & comfort while working out and eliminating friction with their soft, absorbent durable fabric.

JAW Leather Grips

  • 100% Australian leather 
  • Super soft suede, 1.6mm thickness
  • Safe and free from harsh chemicals
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Grip enhancement
  • Australian Made and cruelty free

In our opinion: Coupled with a soft wrist strap, there are no plastic or metal buckles to interfere with your hand movement. the suede sticks to the bar like glue. Designed to be worn loose to enhance the flexion of the wrist, the perfect placement is at the first knuckle

Jaw cloth hand grips         jaw cloth blue hand grips                               


Remember to use a good quality chalk or wax the bar with WODWAX


And for recovery a good callous shaver or pumice along with a cream & salve                                  

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