Why skipping is a great home workout

Why skipping is a great home workout

As a nation we are working out at home more & more, skipping is proving to be a great workout, here's why:

The constant movement is goof for your cardiovascular system and will improve your conditioning. It’s low impact movement means that you will burn fat and still preserve muscle. Jumping rope improves your agility, speed, conditioning and coordination.

Take it a step further and master the art of DOUBLE UNDERS

Basic Double under technique

  • Hands in front of torso
  • Hands rotate from wrist
  • Good up & down bounce
  • Jump when the rope is about to hit the ground
  • Practice linked singles, alternating single and double- unders, and then linked double-unders
  • Practice plyometric bounce with feet to develop the footwork/jumping technique necessary for a double under

Speed ropes are an ideal training tool for a variety of different sports, CrossFit, MMA, HIIT, Gymnastics and a great way to keep fit.

They are versatile and small enough to take anywhere!

SGF Speed Ropes are British made handcrafted speed ropes perfect for dominating those double unders.  The handles are made from aluminium and coated in durable non-slip rubber, making them perfect during the more gruesome WODs!

Made by athletes, for athletes, to help you improve every single day.  

Created by a martial art practitioner & CrossFItter you can be sure that every care and attention is given to each individual rope making them totally unique.



Superior high speed stainless steel bearings make this rope one of the fastest on the market.




Don't lose your grip! Durable non-slip polyolefin rubber coated handles are both beautifully ergonomic and sturdy.


2mm. 2.5mm or 3mm PVC coated wire for super smooth high speed turns.

 Key features:-

  • High speed stainless steel bearings
  • Aluminium handle construction making them super lightweight
  • Polyolefin coated handles
  • Choice of 2mm. 2.5mm and 3mm PVC coated wire
  • Customised name tag on the cable
  • 100% Cotton storage bag


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