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Bear KompleX Resistance bands for Pull-up assistance, Muscle up training, strength training, stretching, mobility and more. With 5 different resistance levels, these bands provide optimal support in your daily workouts.

Exercise bands help stimulate your muscles with eccentric and concentric tension that is always changing.  Band are sold individually however they can be combined to increase the support needed. Get several sizes so you have them ready as your skills improve... You will get better!

All 5 of Bear KompleX Resistance bands are labelled with the amount of resistance that they provide and they vary in colour.

    • Band #1 RED - provides 10-35lbs of resistance (1/2" band)
    • Band #2 BLACK provides 30-60lbs of Resistance (7/8" band)
    • Band #3 PURPLE provides 40-80lbs of resistance (1-1/4" band)
    • Band #4 GREEN provides 50-120lbs of resistance (1-3/4" band)
    • Band #5 BLUE provides 60-150lbs of resistance (2-1/2" band)

The thicker the band, the more assistance it will give you for pull ups, chin ups, bar muscle ups, and ring dips.  Bands are made from 100% Latex, if you have a Latex allergy please use this product with caution. All Bands are 41" in Length

RXROX Note | Each band is sold individually.


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