Velites Quad Ultra No Chalk Hand Grips | Black

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NO CHALK, BETTER GRIP, MORE REPS!: The most innovative hand grips don't need chalk. The exclusive design help you stick to the bar while protecting your wrists and reducing tension on your forearms. 

DESIGNED FOR ANY SURFACE: We have developed a new high-tech 2.9mm thick material that is sticky and comfortable for any exercise. Quad Ultra is perfect for the pull-up bar, wood or metal rings, weightlifting bar, and kettlebells.

The adhesive material helps you hang using less energy - some athletes can even hang from just one finger!

FORGET CHALK AND GET MORE REPS: Reduce your chalk reloading stops using the Quad Ultra Hand Grips and improve your results!

REDUCE YOUR FOREARM TENSION: Perfect for long workouts with exercises like toes-to-bar, pull-ups, or muscle-ups. 

PROTECTS YOUR HANDS AND WRISTS:  Combine the Quad Ultra with Velites wrist bands for maximum comfort and performance. Protect the sensitive skin around your wrists to get the full potential of the Quad Ultra so you can fully concentrate on the next repetition. 

This product includes: Quad Ultra Hand Grips, Wrist bands and anti-odour transport bag.

Made with 100% vegan material. 

Customer Reviews

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Far and away the best grips I have ever used, I was struggling with some Bear Komplex grips as found them a bit slippy, the Velites are like glue! So glad I got them as managed my 1st chest to bar pull ups during Open 24.3!


Its really good for grip and I feel very safe on my palms then doing bar muscle ups . I think with them I can try max on BMU.
The only thing if you have a mix in wod and need to turn grips other than that perfect


Great quality